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  Rat Trap Neon   Hangover   Balls-Up  
  Towering...   Bent - Woodeson   It's all good fun - Woodeson  
Various Collages   I love you, I want you, I need you... (Hot for Carl)   Bent - Woodeson  
Slice and Dice - Woodeson   Aberration, Agitation, Anger...   Health & Safety Violation #36 - Bite you on your ass and kiss your socks goodbye - Woodeson  
Slotted   Double Awesome - Woodeson   Lonely ball balloon (evil & twisted) - Woodeson  
  F**k You You F**king F**k - Woodeson   Health & Safety Violation #8 - Randomly Activated Tripwires - Ben Woodeson   Bent - Woodeson  
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