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One Day in October - Visible Love

Print on acid free archival paper

280mm x 280mm (image)

Edition of 13 plus 2AP


This series continues Woodeson’s work with what she calls the #CrucialInstants, the moments, when things could go really right, or really wrong… She has identified images that she considers significant; some are historical and famous, and some are contemporary, but all are examples that she feels are important. Working into the existing images, Woodeson removes the existing contextual information and creates what you see here.

As found, the original images show people or events that could be considered noteworthy, and yet, the process of abstracting them deliberately removes all positive or negative connotations. Each work is titled One Day in ….. The original image might make it clear what happened next, but with no further information, it’s deliberately impossible to identify the original subject and to therefore know the outcome. The viewer is simply asked to react to the image for it’s own qualities with no inherent positive or negative influence.

Events are in effect, rewritten.

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One Day in October - Visible Love