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One Day in October - Visible Love   One Day in March - The Pen and the Sword   One Day in November - Blood and Gold  
  One Day in February (mixed-media)   One Day in January   One Day in February  
  One Day in May   One Day in November   One Day in July  
  Maybe, Maybe   Pivotal Moment (series)   Assimilation Party Time  
  Sink or Swim   Darth Vadar Gets His Home Deco On   Disorder (series)  
  Rockin n Rollin   With a Shimmar and a Shake   Under the Disco Lights  
  Three Possibilities   Mid Century Modern High Rise   Sometimes it's Just the Wanting  
  Elephant in the Room   Lazy Afternoons   Making Eyes at You  
  Raspberry Ripple   Sometimes a Look   Soylent Green  
  We're in this Together   A Straight Line...   Besides the Point  
  Dark Star   First Light   That Velvet Dress  
  A Glance Away   Tequila Sunrise   White Sands (series)  
  Goats Heads   One Thing   Another Mysterious Dating  
    Cleft   Haze  
  Veiled (series)     The Subtle Cuts (Series overview page)  
  Gorgeous Slices of Lovelieness   Maybe, Without Fail   Hoopy, Loopy and Frood  
  Run, Don't Walk #3   Dark Nugget III   Artist With His Throat Cut  
  Wholly, Partially, Completely   Almost Always   Push Me, Pull You  
  Beautiful Big Wall (Caution Sharp Edges)   Trippy   Manly Big Game Jolly Fun Stick  
  Bent - Woodeson   Balls-Up   Slotted  
  Towering...   Point Taken   Antagonistic Wall Piece (Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes)  
  A Little Slice of Loveliness   It's all good fun - Woodeson   I love you, I want you, I need you... (Hot for Carl)  
  Hangover   Aberration, Agitation, Anger...   Stunning Sexy Sculpture, Oh Yes! Ben Woodeson  
  Throwing Chunks   Almost Psychotically Nice to People...   Swinger  
  96 Uncertainties   Comfort & Joy   Happy Smiley People  
  Various Collages   Rat Trap Neon   If I Told You I Loved You...  
  Double Awesome - Woodeson   Sub and Dom - Ben Woodeson   No Pain No Gain  
  Bent - Woodeson   Clamptastic - Woodeson   Yes, No, Maybe - Woodeson  
  Potential side effects may include vomiting, bleeding, nausea and headaches - Woodeson   All the F***s in one place - Ben Woodeson   Made in America - Ben Woodeson  
  Kick A** Nail Your Butt to the Wall Glass Sculpture - Woodeson   A Thin Line Between Love and Hate - Woodeson   Innocent Until Proven Guilty - Woodeson  
  Health & Safety Violation #36 - Bite you on your ass and kiss your socks goodbye - Woodeson   Keep in a Dry Place and Away From Children - Woodeson   Deadly Sexy Screw You Crossways Self-Destructive Sculpture - Woodeson  
  F**k You You F**king F**k - Woodeson   Massively Scrotal - Woodeson   Semi-Visible Corner Piece (Headbanger) - Woodeson  
  Health & Safety Violation #8 - Randomly Activated Tripwires - Ben Woodeson   Jolly F*** Stick - Woodeson   Ophelia Among the Flowers - Woodeson  
  Lonely ball balloon (evil & twisted) - Woodeson   Beautiful bursting ball bag - Woodeson   Screaming ankle slashing tension glass piece (60 second self-destructive sculpture) - Woodeson  
  Unsuitable for all ages meat crushing sculpture - Woodeson   Health & Safety Violation #8 - Randomly Activated Tripwires - Ben Woodeson   Bent - Woodeson  
  A Perilous Environment Positively Oozing With Pain and Suffering - Woodeson   Slice and Dice - Woodeson   Ball Droppingly Awesome Glass Sculpture - Woodeson  
  Bent - Woodeson   Basic Rough as Fuck Spinning Spring Jump Out of Your Skin Hazard - Woodeson   Berlin Lieb Du - Ben Woodeson  
  Scary F***ing Spinning Thing - Woodeson   Subservient shoe brush open toed sandals thing - Woodeson   Spinning Cobblestone (High Speed Crack Your Skull Open Bleed Through Your Ears Version) - Woodeson  
  Health & Safety Violation #13 – Constantly changing angles - Woodeson   Health & Safety Violation #21 - Architectural Garrotting Cable - Woodeson   Bent - Woodeson  
  Health and Safety Violation number 7: 9/10 of an iceberg is hidden from view - Woodeson   Bent - Woodeson   Health & Safety Violation #18 – Anti-personnel steel rod thing
 - Woodeson  
  Health & Safety Violation #9 – Looped trip hazard - Woodeson   Health & Safety Violation #14 - Randomly Activated Tripwire - Woodeson   Health and Safety Violation #10 – Evacuation - Woodeson  
  herbalgerbilverbilisor - Woodeson   Bang Bang... - Woodeson   Health & Safety Violation #8 - Randomly Activated Tripwires - Ben Woodeson  
  Declaration - Woodeson   Keep in a Dry Place and Away From Children - Woodeson   blahbatyblahblahblah - Woodeson  
  Bent - Woodeson   Keep in a Dry Place and Away From Children - Woodeson   Hot 2 Hot - Woodeson  
  783.6 cm to 783.83 cm at 70°C - Ben Woodeson   Point Blank - Woodeson   Bent - Woodeson  
  Altered Beast - Woodeson   Piccadilly Radio - Woodeson   Knit 110 - Woodeson  
  Untitled 1997 - Woodeson   I Can See For Miles - Woodeson   Room With A View - Woodeson